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As you count down the days to your , you might find your pre-vacation giddiness is actually overshadowed by stress. There’s a heap of chores to manage before traveling: After you arrange , you’ll have to  and . Then there’s , not to mention .

But all those tricky logistics are so much easier to tackle once you’ve put together a comprehensive set of to-dos, along with a smart packing list.

The tips below will make your vacation a walk in the park.Or, preferably, a walk on the beach.

Packing list essentials most people don’t think about

A few small additions to your suitcase can minimize hassle and maximize comfort when you’re traveling. Here are some essentials you probably already have in your home. (If you’re interested in bringing your computer or tablet on your trip, be sure to also check our list of .)

1. Pack a reusable water bottle

With , this one is a must — especially if you’re not staying in an environment where free water is easily accessible.

A hydration bladder (a pouch that fits in your backpack and sends water to your mouth via a long tube) is a handy option for more hiking-oriented trips, though keep in mind . Either way, you need some sort of reusable vessel to . Otherwise you’ll have to rely on buying water bottles, which is expensive in tourist hubs and RT News Today not always feasible in more rural areas.

Here’s a list of . If your destination’s tap water isn’t drinkable, try 

Six filtered water bottles lined up outdoors.Six filtered water bottles lined up outdoors.

Hydrate or diedrate.

Paige Thies

2. Bring dryer sheets

Ironically, . But dryer sheets will do wonders for your foul-smelling shoes. Bunch them up and stick them inside (or, for sandals, on top of the footbeds) before you go to bed. This will alleviate the stench that will inevitably accumulate after days of walking.Dryer sheets can also get rid of deodorant stains on clothes and flatten down your hair’s flyaways.