Elvis’ appearing had definitely improved by the time he accomplished the position of Deke Rivers. Partly, he was extra skilled this day trip, but additionally the role had been tailor-made for the younger singer. The movie showcased Elvis’ finest musical abilities, and the plot was loosely based on his own life — a practice producer Hal Wallis would proceed sooner or Hotels Zlatibor later.

The enormous amount of press protection also affected the film’s conclusion. During production, fanzines leaked that Elvis’s character was presupposed to die near the tip of the movie. As originally shot, the ultimate scene features Mother Reno solemnly ringing the dinner bell as her three remaining sons toil in the fields. Ache and loss are registered on the faces of Mom Reno and Cathy, who mourn the death of Clint. Elvis’ legion of fans had been disturbed by the news that their idol was to be killed off in his first movie.

Elvis and Nancy did not work together again until 1967 after they began shooting Speedway. Elvis had married Priscilla Beaulieu a couple of weeks earlier, but rumors began to fly that he and Nancy were having a relationship. Fanzines had a subject day with the rumors. “Will Nancy Sinatra Steal Elvis from Priscilla?” and “How Can Elvis Resist his Sexy Costar?” blared the headlines. Testament to their friendship is indicated by the inclusion of Nancy’s song, “Your Groovy Self” on the Speedway soundtrack, marking the only time a solo by another singer appeared on an everyday Presley album.

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