If the trailer has a number of axles, noticing a flat tire is usually a challenge. A superb whack along with your tire iron can let you already know they’re inflated, and a fast feel after driving a bit is a great way to tell if one is working hot. Since a flat tire can result in a fire, nothing beats actually hunkering down and manually checking the strain of each tire with a stress gauge to confirm their soundness. This ought to be done earlier than each journey.

In relation to saving vitality, LEDs are the gold normal of residence lighting. As an alternative of using a fuel to emit mild — as CFLs and incandescent bulbs do — LEDs light up when electrons move around a semiconductor. It is the identical technology because the lights on a cell phone, microwave and cable box. LEDs last 25 p.c longer than Thomas Edison’s invention, and generate between seventy five and купить ванну из искусственного камня в москве дешево 80 p.c in financial savings [supply: EnergySavers.gov].

Moroccan and Indian equipment are very current and widespread. Search out throws, flooring pillows dazzling sufficient for a Bedouin tent, and cheap but carefully chosen artifacts. Fairly Indian-inspired jacquard panels hung at the window or black-and-rust-coloured hand-thrown pots from Tunisia exude an intriguing faraway taste. Spice up your private area, too.